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Hi, I’m

Matt Dyer

Entrepreneur, father,
trusted advisor, investor,
leader in business transformation
and creator of simplicity.

Matt Dyer has held 4 extensive “C Suite” positions, advised dozens of industries, worked on hundreds of projects and has 25 years of experience.

“Showing business how to connect data to dollars is what drives me.”

“While I love numbers, at the heart of it I’m a people person. For the last 25 years I have used my passion for breaking the complex into simple messages to guide teams to transform their businesses.”

“I speak the languages of business, process and IT, and that’s what makes the difference. Let me be your interpreter.”

Why we started Lime Intelligence

Fundamentally its about turning complex data into simple story telling.  Its also about making it possible for all businesses.  I personally believe that being part of our customer’s team, a true partner makes us different, not just the consultant that you call on for a once off set and forget project!!

Your challenges are our challenges.  We are about reducing pain for our customers and headaches – enabling them to stay in their lane while we work alongside them to build their BI strategy. By always having access to data so you can make decisions and take immediate action (aka data to dollars mindset).

Data is a real asset you can’t live without – it really does belong on the balance sheet, although often businesses do not recognise what they can do with it.  We want to get our customers as excited about data as we are.

My story

Always a passion for numbers

Growing up at school I was as always a bit of a ‘straighty one-eighty’ type. I had a pretty normal upbringing with family, school and sport on weekends.  I thrived at school and I just couldn’t wait to get started.  From Grade 9 when I first did Business Principals (BP), I was hooked on numbers and knew I wanted to be an accountant from that point forward.

A strong work ethic is part of my make-up and I went straight from school to work part time at a middle tier accounting firm in Brisbane back in the 90’s.   I went to university part time at night for 6 years whilst I got us much business experience as I could.

I then took a role with Arthur Anderson in 1996 (now Ernst and Young) and honed my skills (under some great mentorship) in joining the dots and story-telling and being able to articulate and communicate with all levels of business (from front desk to Chairperson).

I accepted a role at Queensland Airports Limited as their CFO, where I worked for the next 10 years.  It was a position I loved and where I looked at challenging the way finance was run. I was an early adopter in turning the banker-business relationship from an old school transactional relationship to a genuine partnership.

I realised I had a knack for problem solving and helping my clients turn complex issues into simple terms.   From this I gained a bit of a reputation for communicating and story-telling.

This was also where I met my wife and now business partner, Carly.

The accidental entrepreneur

Post Queensland Airports Limited, I went on to work as CFO for Queensland Motorways and then CFO for Alliance Airlines. Gaining ASX experience with a listed airline was a highlight and really broadened my experience with governance and exposed me to the thrill of entrepreurship.  I worked alongside some commercially savvy businesspeople who gave me a taste for building a business.

It was at this point Carly and I decided to take the plunge and start our own business, after identifying a gap in the market for business intelligence.  You could say I swapped my attention to detail from finance systems to data! Designing business intelligence (BI) solutions for businesses from small to large scale operations. The accidental entrepreneur!

Blending in family & starting a business

My wife often tells me I can’t sit still and always need to be on the go. I love action!

As the co-founder of Lime Intelligence, I have been able to focus on using my unique skill to break the complex into simple messages and identify what processes are needed to transform business outcomes.   Lime Intelligence has developed a unique data to decision process to help our customers.

Running a business is both challenging and rewarding. It needs an outlet!  So my passion for camping and 4WDing is how I recharge.

My wife Carly, I,  and our 4 children enjoy getting out in the fresh air and taking the kids off grid for adventures into the outback or alpine.  Normally surrounded with family and friends.

Most people who know me understand my second passion for smoking meats.  I have 3 BBQ’s and love to cook for friends and family … I’ve been lately working on perfecting beef brisket.    And I try to fit in a round of golf when I can!

The future

I like to see myself as an authority in the BI movement.  I enjoy using my passion for numbers and simplicity blended with customer engagement to build solutions for our clients.  No problem is too complex, and I get a buzz from genuinely moving our clients along their BI journey and delivering them an outcome they can get excited about.

Into the future, I’m looking forward to where we can take Lime.  We have big plans and I’m enjoying the journey of building a team of capable professionals who I like spending time with.

Ultimately, I’d love to give back and share my knowledge and experience to help coach other business owners and advise boards.  Being a board director has been on my vision board for some time.


Matt Dyer is a successful co-business owner based in Brisbane.  He is passionate about capturing lost opportunities for clients by bringing data to life and giving them the insights they need to make informed decisions.

Matt is an experienced advisor and ‘Officer of the Company’ with a proven track record in working with businesses to create value and protect the company’s corporate interests.  Mathew has previously held in senior executive roles including Deputy CEO and CFO of Queensland Airports Limited, CFO of Queensland Motorways Limited and CFO of Alliance Airlines.

Taking this knowledge and experience, Matt started Lime Intelligence with his Co-Founder Carly Wieland in 2015.  And since its inception Lime has continued to evolve into what it is today, a full-service Business Intelligence as a Service provider.   Matt is now an authority in the BI movement.

With 30 years of experience in finance roles, this breadth of management experience translates to Matt bringing to the Lime Intelligence team an understanding of what drives the business from multiple industries including what information is required to make strategic decisions and transform complex into simple.

Matt likes to act as the intersection between business and IT, speaking both languages and telling a story to present key information to a spectrum of stakeholders from management and boards to external stakeholders.

A key part of the previous projects that Matt has been involved with has been the use of technology and systems to improve business decisions and management.  This includes the implementation of several finance and information systems together with database solutions to assist process and decisions.

Over the past 6 years we have learnt a lot, we have refined over and over the approach towards data simplicity and using available tools to streamline decision making.  It needs to be FASTER and SIMPLIER.  Using the best-in-class tools, making them available to all businesses is our passion for the next few years.

Experience & qualifications


  • Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) from Queensland University of Technology, 1998
  • Chartered Accountant, Institute of Chartered Accountants, 2001
  • Chartered Company Secretary, Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, 2006

Corporate Experience

  • CFO, Alliance Airlines Pty Ltd, 2013 – 2017
  • CFO, Queensland Motorways Limited, 2011 – 2013
  • CFO and Deputy CEO, Queensland Airports Limited (Gold Coast, Townsville, Mount Isa and Longreach Airports), 2002 – 2011

I’d look forward to meeting with you.

I’m available for advice, speaking opportunities and board representation.

Matt Dyer interview with Sansoni Group.
Matt talks about his passion for showing business how to connect data to dollars.

Always great meeting with business greats Janine Allis of Boost Juice and Aaron Sansoni.

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